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  • September 2014:
    - New paper accepted in Wetlands Ecology and Management!

  • August 2014:
    - Another semester begins... let's have a great Evolutionary Ecology course this fall!
    - New paper accepted in Evolutionary Applications!
    - New paper published in Fisheries Research!
    - Another successful Bahamas field course comes to a conclusion. Way to go students!

  • June 2014:
    - The lab contributes 5 presentations at Evolution 2014 (right here in Raleigh!), which was outstanding!
    - Don't ever fly United! After paying $275 in baggage fees), they lost bags twice, for a total of 6 days of missing bags, with damaged contents and thawed samples to boot!

  • May 2014:
    - Justa receives ASIH Raney Award ($908)!
    - New paper accepted in Fisheries Research!
    - Congrats to our 5 graduating undergrad researchers!
    - Congrats and Good Luck to MS graduate Chris Anderson!
    - New paper published in Proceedings B!

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Evolutionary Ecology Lab
@ NC State:

How do new species form?
(testing mechanistic pathways to speciation...)

How predictable is evolution?
(testing evolutionary model predictions...)

How do human activities drive evolution?
(testing impacts of fragmentation, urbanization...)

What ecological factors drive evolution?
(identifying selective agents and targets...)

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