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  Dr. Langerhans typically teaches a study abroad course, Bahamian Conservation Biology, each summer, and Evolutionary Ecology each Fall. He also sometimes teaches Introduction to Evolution, and components of the 3-course series in the Dept. of Biological Sciences Honors Program.

Bahamian Conservation Biology

Dr. Langerhans generally teaches Evolutionary Ecology each Fall and the study abroad course, Bahamian Conservation Biology, each summer (current flyer, course website). He is also the Director of the Department of Biological Sciences Honors Program, the Coordinator for the undergraduate major concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, and the Coordinator for the minor in Evolutionary Biology.

  Evolutionary Ecology is a discussion-oriented, graduate-level course (advanced undergrads can enroll with permission) providing a detailed overview of evolutionary ecology, the multidisciplinary interface of ecological and evolutionary processes. The course draws heavily from peer-reviewed literature and includes critical literature reviews and a research project.

  Bahamian Conservation Biology is a field course on Andros Island that is co-taught with Nils Peterson, and focuses on the ecology and evolution of three critical aquatic ecosystems in the Bahamas (blue holes, tidal creeks, coral reefs) and the human dimensions of their conservation and management.


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